The Frame in Casino Royale Referenced

The year is 2006, and James Bond is being rebooted again.

Bond, as the world knew the franchise then, was a pretty simple concept to get behind: the chronicles of a dashing, savvy spy. Each installment followed a safe but entertaining action film formula complete with flashy explosions, gun action, and maybe a sex scene to showcase all the elegance of the British icon’s spy life.

It wasn’t really known for its complexity, because Bond didn’t have to be complex for people to enjoy.

The farthest the franchise used to go in terms of commentary was maybe a half-hearted political…

Modern farce is difficult to define. Even the word farce seems straight out of the 16th century: outdated, crass, low-class and not very relatable. But farce, just like humor itself, evolved over time and wears a very different mask now than it did historically.

These days, farce is far less overt and ambitious, seeking instead simply the right to exist in a critical, intellectual world. It stands out from other forms of comedy by subsisting on the bare minimum.

Satire thrives on wit and exclusivity, but farce doesn’t necessarily require any of that to entertain. All it requires is stupidity…

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Sometimes I think I have no friends. I don’t mean to say this as a means of garnering pity but as a factual statement. Often I think I’m misunderstood and lonely. Sometimes I walk alone to and from class and it bothers me more than it should. I have words swimming inside my head that I would love to share if anyone gave me the time of day. I sometimes think I’m the only one like me in the world. I’m a teenager. I’m expected to not be taken seriously.

So I bide my time and remind myself of the…

Inside the grand space that is the universe exist a billion threads networking across, connecting the beautiful to the empty, the developing to the developed, the burritos to the tacos. They’re threads of fate, and they control me much to the extent that I control them.

Fate had always been an important question in my life. I was privileged enough to access shelter, food, education, and perhaps even a shred of self-awareness, but doubt persists, the bad seed. Fate, though a weighty word to throw around before breakfast, lingered a clingy friend. …

Growing up vegetarian wasn’t easy. Vegetarianism was supposedly a growing trend in the 2000s, along with veganism. Gone were the days of fast food, claimed some. Vegetarianism was the key to losing weight and staying thin!

My family’s reasons for vegetarianism were slightly more traditional and religious. The story went that Hindus considered the cow sacred. Therefore, it was against our ideals to eat any part of the animal we considered sacred. This principle extended to any kind of meat — seafood, pork, chicken, lamb, etc. …

During my childhood, there were two people I’d designated as potential role models. The first was Hillary Clinton: she was a reminder of my capability to be a leader. Plus, she was a feminist, so that worked in my favor too.

I was a really stupid kid who didn’t understand the morally bankrupt nature of most politicians and how few survive the clutches of corruption unscathed, even the most well-intentioned. But I digress.

The second was the more interesting one. She was not as famous as Hillary; rather, she was the daughter of our close family friends.

She was a…


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